Elizabeth Rybka

Elizabeth Rybka

Student Intern Therapist MS(cand.)

Liz is currently completing her Masters in Counselling at Divine Mercy University, where she has learned the value of seeing clients through a holistic approach. She has an inherent belief in the essential goodness of each person and their unique life journey.

Liz brings rich life experiences to her counselling internship. She has had extensive experience with youth in care as a special treatment foster parent, and as group home supervisor where she was exposed to a diversity of cultures and a variety of family situations that affect youth. In her involvement with youth and their parents, Liz learned to respect the dignity of each person regardless of their struggles.  Liz has also had valuable involvement in the Retrouvaille Program, for married couples facing difficult challenges in their relationship where she served as a member of the board of directors.

With her strong communications skills and ability to put people at ease, Liz is able to objectively assess situations involving life challenges so as to provide effective support and treatment.  She is a compassionate listener who will empathetically engage with  each individual and the struggles they are experiencing.

Liz takes an integrative approach in therapy which focuses on client centered therapy. She uses various therapies that fit with the individual needs and particular circumstance of each person including narrative therapy, solutions focused therapy, psychoanalysis, Adlerian therapy and systems therapy to encourage insight and offer coping strategies.  Through integrative counselling Liz supports and encourages both personal and relationship growth.  Liz welcomes the opportunity to provide a Christian perspective to those who wish to incorporate a spiritual dimension in counselling.

Although married for twenty years, Liz is currently divorced. She raised her daughter as a single parent and enjoys a warm, mutually respectful relationship with her as an independent young adult. Liz values socializing with friends, taking road trips and visiting her daughter.  She enjoys doing Sudoku puzzles, listening to podcasts and watching movies in her leisure time.

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