Lynn Hum

bio-photo-lynnLynn comes to us with over 20 years of administrative experience. Known for her wonderful people skills, Lynn readily combines her administrative expertise with her warmth and caring approach to provide excellent service to those she serves. With her gracious smile and cooperative heart, she is greatly appreciated for her team attitude and genuine love for people.

For many years now, Lynn has longed to use her passion for renewal in the hearts of herself and others, and so she absolutely loves being a part of the team at LifeCare Centres and considers it a privilege to work with our clients in overseeing their care. For many reasons, Lynn truly believes that counseling is one important way to reach the hearts of people. She saw this opportunity as the best of both worlds – using her administrative skills in an environment that fosters healing. A delightful addition to the team, Lynn is committed to doing everything she can to help provide a safe, confidential and professional environment for our clients.

Lynn has a deep respect for counsellors who dedicate their lives to helping people heal. She has an even deeper admiration for people who seek the help. So what more could she have asked for? She has an opportunity to contribute her organizational skills in an environment that helps people while partnering with a group of unique counsellors who share the same passion. Further to this passion, Lynn graduated with a B.A. in Psychology, and is now pursuing her Masters in Counseling Psychology.

Lynn is married, with two children. Her most favorite thing to do is making memories with family and friends.

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