Walter Dudar


Walter holds a Master of Divinity degree in counselling from Tyndale University in Toronto. Walter has a passion for working with men and women struggling with emotional and relationship issues. He also has extensive experience with addictions, as well as anxiety and phobias, and codependency issues.

Walter utilizes a solution focused therapy that employs a directive style as well as Cognitive Behavioural and Reality therapy in his effort to help people resolve their life issues.

Walter is also interested in working with those who are faith based and would like to explore their issues from a deeper spiritual perspective.

Walter’s warm and friendly personality creates a safe, encouraging, and non-judgemental environment that allows you to be yourself. His extensive life experiences working with the public have given him a wide range of insights into everyday problems and circumstances.

Walter is also passionate about working with singles and the circumstances that are unique to living alone and struggling with loneliness and modern day stresses and challenges.

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