Conflict Resolution Counselling

Conflict Resolution Counselling and Therapy

Conflict resolution therapy,
an approach to treatment that seeks to teach people conflict resolution skills, was designed primarily to help couples; however, it can be used to address conflict in any situation, whether it arises in a family, between friends or romantic partners, at the workplace, or any other situation.

Conflict is disagreement, but contrary to popular belief, conflict does not necessarily involve fighting. Conflict exists in any situation where facts, desires, or fears pull or push participants against each other or in divergent directions. Bickering, arguing, insisting on your point of view, or becoming silent about your perspective indicate someone who is unskilled at handling conflicts in a collaborative way.

When conflict is not resolved appropriately, negative emotional states may linger and develop into situations that can have serious, lasting consequences on all personal and professional relationships. Internal conflicts can be detrimental to your family, friends, and coworkers.

Conflict can be destructive, leading people to develop negative feelings for each other and spend energy on conflict that could be better spent elsewhere. It can also deepen differences, and lead groups to polarize into either/or positions.

What Can I Expect from Conflict Resolution Therapy?

Well-managed conflict can be constructive, helping to ‘clear the air’, releasing emotion and stress,  and resolving tension, especially if those involved use it as an opportunity to increase understanding and find a way forward together out of the conflict situation.

With conflict resolution therapy, all parties involved feel heard and understood. Your conflict resolution therapist will help you work toward a win-win scenario or a solution to the conflict.

With facilitation from your trained psychotherapist, conflict resolution is about collaborative problem-solving in a safe space; it is a cooperative talking-together process that leads to choosing a plan of action that everyone can feel good about.

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