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Psycho-educational Testing and Assessments

We conduct assessments for ages 4 years and older in the areas of:

  • Psycho-educational testing

  • Clinical and mental health screening and diagnoses


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How Psycho-Educational Testing Helps…


Diagnostic and psycho-educational testing and assessments, using proven clinical testing tools, can provide important clarity in choosing treatment options for a particular individual. Further, they can be used to pursue disability benefits or accommodations at school or work. They are also useful to help family members understand why their loved one is struggling and how they can help.

We are known for the accuracy of our assessments and the detailed and helpful results they provide. This can often clear up any confusion or even misdiagnosis.

Our customized psycho-educational assessments are tailored to evaluate the various learning styles or processing problems that may impact your child or teen’s effectiveness at school, work, and in day to day functioning.

This may include:

– Giftedness



– Learning disabilities

– Behavioural/emotional issues

We work closely with your family and school to gather the most accurate information, as well as provide you with guidance and support for how to best use the assessment results to help your child or teen.

Our customized reports provide you with useful recommendations that will help you advocate for your child or teen so that they are given the best opportunity to perform their best. Knowing how anxious parents are to help their child, we also commit to ensuring a rapid turnaround time from the initial testing until the report is completed.

We are known for the quality of our reports and the comprehensive, practical recommendations we provide parents and educators.

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