Doris Phillip Caesar

Intern Psychotherapist

Doris is a warm, engaging, and straight forward individual committed to professional excellence. She is currently completing the Masters of Christian Counselling with Canada Christian College, specializing in Marriage and Family Systems Counselling.

In addition to her psychotherapy training and experience, Doris brings leadership experience to LifeCare in working with individuals experiencing addiction, homelessness and other challenging life circumstances. Her experience with residential treatment, providing care and support using a biopsychosocial approach with individuals, equips her for helping clients experiencing significant distress. Doris has also cultivated core therapeutic competencies working in the service sector, developing leadership, communication, and collaboration skills.

Doris works with clients to build safe and trusting relationships and provide life applicable coping techniques and adaptive strategies. She effectively assesses clients' biopsychosocial needs, helping them discover effective strategies to address maladaptive patterns of behaviour in their life and attain a healthy lifestyle.

Doris is developing a variety of psychotherapeutic modalities, including Solution Focused Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Structural Family Therapy, Strategic Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Marriage Counselling which enhances her ability to care for and support individuals and families.

Doris finds pleasure in the company of her teenage daughter, young adult son, and her spouse of eighteen years. In her leisure time, she enjoys singing, reading, and exploring new cuisines. Meeting new people during moments of joy, laughter, and shared meals brings her joy and aids in establishing connections. Traveling with her family is a source of fascination as she gains insight by observing people, places, and their cultural significance. Doris takes delight in listening to the unique stories that everyone has to share.

Qualifications : Masters of Christian Counselling