Dave Fowler

Registered Psychotherapist

Dave has spent more than 4 decades helping people as a pastor, military chaplain, and registered psychotherapist. Over his 40 years as a civilian pastor he founded 3 multi program community centers (Child daycare, arts school, dance school, community rentals) in three different communities in the GTA and provided counseling services to both parishioners and local community members. He was also in the Canadian Armed Forces for 13 years as a uniformed chaplain and continues now as a civilian chaplain. He has been a chaplain to numerous military units in the Forces including Health Services where he worked closely in the mental health department with psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, mental health nurses and addiction counselors. During his military service he has received more than a dozen formal command recognitions (commendations, command coins and unit flags) for his compassionate and affective work with struggling service members facing numerous issues including PTSD, trauma from various forms of abuse, stress, anger, grief and loss, addictions, depression, suicidal ideations, marriage issues, assaults, discrimination, bullying and other challenges. His work has spanned counselling with youth right up to senior officers in the Reg Force.

He holds an undergraduate in philosophy and psychology from the University of Waterloo, a master’s from Ambrose University in clinical counseling, a second master’s from the University of Toronto in adult education, a doctorate from the University of Toronto in philosophy and has done post doctoral studies in mental health from Providence Seminary. He is a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and a fully trained chaplain with the Canadian Armed Forces and has received a Canadian Forces Decoration medal, CD.

Dave is passionate about helping people find a sense of direction and hope amid the stress of life challenges. Dave uses a variety of approaches in his civilian work to help people move towards a sense of wholeness including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Heart Math Bio Feedback technology. He often also does psychological testing to help individuals and couples in their process of objective self discovery and self understanding. Dave is also an active researcher and student and continues to pursue ongoing professional training in the most promising and cutting-edge areas of mental health.

Dave is also a physical fitness enthusiast who enjoys a wide range of activities along with long walks in local forests with his wife, a retired elementary school principal, and closest friend. Together they have three children and five grandchildren. Dave has written and published one book on marriage relationships.

Qualifications : Master’s in Clinical Counseling, Master’s of Education, Doctorate of Education, Post Doctoral studies in Mental Health, fully trained Military Chaplain CD.