Abuse Recovery Counselling and Therapy

Abuse Recovery: Start Healing Mentally and Emotionally

Abuse affects people at the deepest level of how they see themselves and relate to the world around them. It can deeply impact a person’s self-image and ability to trust. When you are abused emotionally and physically it’s common to try and understand the position of the abuser or even blame yourself – it’s common but not healthy. Abuse recovery counselling and therapy can help you heal through growth of personal value and worth. Abuse is never okay.

One of the main characteristics of an abusive relationship is misuse of power and control. One person controls the behaviour of the other, by force, manipulation, or a combination of both. Abuse most often occurs in a relationship where the abuser is known to the victim. It often remains hidden and secret for years.

Some of the behaviours that are considered abusive include:

– Physical abuse: ranges from destroying property to violent personal interactions.
– Sexual abuse: forced and/or coerced intimate relations without your willing consent. Children, young teens, and powerless victims are not capable of giving consent. Sexual abuse also includes forcing you to watch pornography or participate in sexual experiences that you are not comfortable with.
– Emotional, verbal, and psychological abuse: can include taunting, ignoring, insulting, yelling, blaming, threatening, accusing, labeling, and holding back approval as a form of punishment.
– Financial abuse: neglect of or withholding of financial information, creating dependency, and/or reduction in the human condition.
– Spiritual abuse: misuse of authority, scriptures, or position in order to intimidate, shame, manipulate, guilt, or control.

Victims of abuse in all its forms requires not only therapy to heal their emotional wounds, but also practical guidance and topical education. Abuse can be traumatizing and devastating, but with help you can heal and grow beyond your experience of abuse.

What Can I Expect from LCC Individual Counselling and Therapy

In the safe and non-judgemental environment of individual therapy, your LCC counsellor will legitimize and validate your story and history of abuse. Remember, you are not responsible for your abuse or guilty for what happened. Victimization is the abuser’s fault – it is not the victim’s choice. Victims do not seek abuse.

Your counsellor will help you face, reconstruct, and reframe your traumatic experiences to provide a foundation for your therapeutic journey. Counselling can help restore your self-esteem and re-examine healthy ways of relating to others whether you are trying to end an abusive relationship, struggling with childhood sexual abuse, overcoming a past of domestic violence and relationship abuse, or looking to heal after family violence and parenting abuse.

Counselling is a safe space for you to discuss your life and set out on the path you want to be on. We ensure full confidentiality, carefully guarding the sacred trust that is the foundation for a beneficial therapeutic relationship.

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We invite you to contact us for a confidential and complimentary 15 minute consultation. We will assess your needs, understand your concerns, and match you with the right therapist.


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