Roy Horton

Registered Psychotherapist

Roy is a mature and compassionate Psychotherapist with particular strengths in building safe and trusting therapeutic relationships with clients and determining appropriate treatment focus. He is deeply caring of his clients and their stories and concerns, and works from a curious and non-judgemental place. Roy has been seeing clients both in person and virtually since 2014.

Roy is a graduate of the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy (TIRP). This specialized CRPO-approved program focuses on research-based clinical therapies, ethical understanding and practice, emotional awareness and flexibility, academic and theoretical soundness, interpersonal engagement, and the capacity to understand and work with transference dynamics.

With his rich life experience, Roy weaves a keen sense of compassion and understanding into his work with clients, deeply respecting their stories. He brings to therapy an emphasis on Attachment and Affect Regulation, and draws from an integrated blend of Emotion Focused Therapy principles and practical Solution Focused orientation in his work. His therapeutic focus includes mindfulness, mentalizing and context, as well as issues of attachment, guilt and shame, abuse, communication challenges, diversity, grief, and trauma. He is passionate about helping clients establish their sense of identity and develop resilience for doing life. Roy works with individuals, primarily ages 16 and older, as well as couples and families.

When he is not working as a psychotherapist, Roy enjoys working with his hands, especially in his carpentry projects. He likes to relax by pulling a good Sci/Fi book off the shelf or enjoying cartoon illustrations by The Far Side and Herman. Roy enjoys bringing his refreshing sense of humor to his sessions with clients.

Qualifications : Graduate of the Toronto Institute for Relational Psychotherapy