Free 15 Minute Initial Consultation

We invite you to join us for a free 15 minute initial consultation. In person or by telephone, you will meet with an experienced member of our consultation team to discuss your primary concerns and answer any questions you may have about LifeCare Centres or therapy in general.

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Because we want to be as accurate and thorough as possible, our Initial Consultation involves a 2-step process. Here is what you can expect:

Step 1:
  • Our client care team will book an appointment for you to meet with one of our Consultation Team Members.
Step 2: Your Initial Consultation
  • During the consultation, our caring Consultation Team Member will match you with the therapist who can best meet your needs. If you are requesting or have been referred to a specific therapist, we will make every effort to grant your request.
  • We will then schedule your first session with your therapist as soon as their schedule permits (in most circumstances, within 1-2 weeks).

When you meet your therapist for the first time, they will talk to you about your current concerns, any symptoms you’re experiencing (if appropriate), your history, and your health. This meeting is designed to gather as much information as necessary to help us make the best recommendations for your treatment. You will also discuss your counselling and treatment options and your therapist will answer any questions you may have.

Our initial consultation process is designed to be as efficient and thorough as possible from the point of your first phone call to your first appointment with your therapist.

Counselling is a safe space where you can feel comfortable discussing what is troubling you or holding you back. We are here to help you on the path to recovery.

Please submit the form to request your initial consultation. We will be in touch shortly to set up our meeting.