Maretta Riley

Maretta holds a bachelor degree in Psychology and Religious Studies as well as an M. Div in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Maretta has a strong desire to help individuals come to a place of deeper understanding about themselves and those around them. She has a passion for restoring brokenness and helping individuals make the necessary steps towards greater balance and wholeness in life.

The majority of Maretta’s training has involved counselling adults and teens. She also enjoys working with children, and looks forward to providing assistance to individuals of all ages. Maretta has a gentle spirit and through her avid communication skills is able to provide and express empathy and encouragement.

Her education and experience spans a variety of different therapeutic orientations including Family Systems, Focusing Therapy, and Integrative/Psychodynamic Therapy. Maretta also has valuable experience caring for women who have encountered crisis as a result of unplanned pregnancies.

Maretta firmly believes that her education and her own experiences play unique roles in being equipped and called to become a therapist.

Maretta finds peace and tranquility in her outdoor hobbies such as gardening, canoeing and hiking. She also loves cooking, reading, and spending time with her husband and family.