3 Tips for managing grief over the holidays


Grief is one of the most unexpected emotions a person can feel.  During the holidays it can be difficult to manage those emotions.  Here are 3 important things to remember as we approach this Holiday Season:

  1. Feeling sad or emotional during the holidays because that person is no longer in your life is a normal feeling. Allow yourself to feel those emotions, take the time to reflect on how much that person meant to you and give room for those emotions.  Journaling about that loved one or writing a letter to that loved one is a great way of processing your grief.   If you feel like crying that is ok, crying is a natural way that the body deals with its emotions.  It is ok to cry.  It’s ok to be upset that, that loved one is no longer here. 
  2. Whether your loved one died this past year or twenty years ago, grief is an emotion that has no time limit. Do not feel rushed into “feeling better” about your loss.  Although time does heal many things, a heart that has been wounded by grief can not be placed on a timeline.
  3. Include memories of this special loved one into your holiday plans, this could include gathering with friends and family to share stories about the loved one. Also, include what they would have contributed to the celebration ie. Their special recipe.  One fun activity that is great to incorporate during the holidays by yourself or with others is creating a memory box in honour of that person, include special pictures and things that represent who they were. Lastly, if you enjoy or want to embrace your creative side design a special ornament or decoration that reminds you of that special person.

Remember everyone deals differently with grief.   Your journey will look and feel differently from those around you.  This holiday season, give yourself a break, don’t be too hard on yourself for feeling the way you do.  Let this time of year be a time of reflection and celebration for the life and memories that you hold for that special loved one.



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